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About Claygirl®
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Working with clay is my passion in life. My passion for clay developed in my 20's and continues to exist today. My educational background is fundamentally business oriented in Management, Accounting, and Marketing. It has provided me with a means for surviving. However, as I grow, I am no longer able to suppress my artistic urges.

During the last 10 years, my life has basically exploded with artistic endeavors. I am unable to contain my need to express myself through art. Whatever problems life may bring, my ceramics (and art) heals my sharp edges. Ceramics allows me to escape to a place protected by a barrier rich in imagination, passion, and enthusiasm.

My creative pursuits have primarily been in ceramics and drawing. My ceramic interests of late have been creating pottery on the wheel. The amount of physical dexterity and persistence required to master wheel throwing is tremendous. It is a very challenging environment for me. I love it. I must conquer it.

My dream (see picture below) is to live in a house at the beach with a ceramic studio overlooking the ocean (anyone who would like to donate such a facility, please contact me at claygirlinc@hotmail.com). Really!

My Dream House and Studio overlooking the ocean
My Dream House and Studio!

I hope you enjoy my Web site. Please visit often. I will be updating my Web site often with new areas of interest and with new educational and technical information. Please also check out my Links page as you will find many helpful links in your journey through ceramics.


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